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Thursday, June 14, 2007


Laurey Hallson MD

Our trip was a success! As Mary said, the group of students we had with us were phenomenal! These students were motivated, very intelligent and pleasant in every aspect of the trip! The more work we had, the more they wanted, the more they learned, the more they wanted to learn, the more they partied, the more they partied!!! Everyone's motto, work hard PLAY HARD...sleep when you are dead!!!
The generosity and goodwill of our students could not be outdone by any other group. As the patients at Hazyview said to us aqnd I will repeat for out students, "God bless you, we will Pray for the minds of our youth for they are the ones who will discover a cure for HIV". I have no doubt, our students all had incredible minds! I hope I am there when one of them win the Nobel prize for the cure for HIV!

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